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    An Open Letter from the Native American Student Services Proposal at UC Davis

    October 14, 2014To whom it may concern: We are contacting you as a community to express our distress regarding the University of California, Davis stance on supporting Native American students and the programs directly associated with the Native American community. While efforts to recruit international students and underrepresented minorities (URMs) at UC Davis has increased, investment...
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    The Little-Known History of Slavery in California: Lynette Mullen at TEDxEureka

    September 30, 2014  The truth can be terrifying. California Indians were enslaved through so-called “legal” measures imposed by the American Government. It is stomach turning and revolting what was occurred in California in an unfair world of abuse and heartache. Lynette Mullen gives an impassioned Ted Talk on the truth of slavery in California.
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    Salmon smoking and cooking at Blue Creek – Ah Pah with Tribal Youth

    September 23, 2014  40 Tribal youth and mentors came up to Blue Creek Ah Pah Traditional Village for a weekend of cultural immersion in Traditional Ecological Knowledge and to discuss adaptations in the face of global climate change. This short time lapse video shows the morning and evening activities of preparing salmon for the smokehouse, and...
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    Heartbeats of the Language: Home-schooling in Tolowa

    September 22, 2014Heartbeats of the Language: Home-schooling in Tolowa This is an interview with Ruby Tuttle Bommelyn (Yuki Maidu, Karuk, Yurok) March 20, 2014, at a master-apprentice training of Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival (AICLS).  Mickey Ellinger was the interviewer.  Ruby is married to Pyuwa Bommelyn, a member of the Tolowa Tribe, and is home-schooling...
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    “San Zombie de los Muertos Vivientes” by Deborah Miranda

    September 22, 2014Deborah Miranda (Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation) shares a video poem of intensity, and deep beauty as she discusses experiences of the California Missions. On her blog she writes “In the summer of 2014 I traveled to eight of the twenty-one California missions established by Franciscan priests from Spain during what is now called the Mission Era,...
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