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  • amah-mutsun-tribal-band

    Amah Mutsun’s Letter to Pope Francis

    March 2, 2015Valentin Lopez, Chairman of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of Costanoan/Ohlone Indians, wrote a poignant letter to Pope Francis sharing a Native perspective on why Junipero Serra should not be named a Saint. February 24, 2015 Re: Open Letter to Pope Francis, Your Holiness, Pope Francis, My name is Valentin Lopez and I am...
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  • Hupa Anti-Bullying PSA

    February 9, 2015Amazing, poignant, beautiful Hupa anti-bullying video. Definitely hard to watch this to the end and still have dry eye.
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  • Laff4

    New Culture by Raymond Lafferty

    February 9, 2015  New Culture is a short film created by Raymond Lafferty (Kumeyaay). Raymond is an experimental filmmaker and abstract expressionist painter from the Mesa Grande Indian Reservation. His works have traveled widely to the Venice Biennale, the Getty Center for the Arts, and the New York Museum of Art and Design. We are grateful to...
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  • NNC282_InOurLanguages_web

    In Our Languages. Voices on Missions.

    January 28, 2015California Indian voices on what Missions represent ‘akkwet horše k-hinnan, kiš sohyen k-hinnan ‘aa ‘e hemme mákkin — My heart is sad on me, oh but we are alive still. Chochenyo Ohlone Vincent Medina   pachu attap waS aa mishshix rumsen rottey. inn kuwee makk emmen. — Now it is good to be Rumsen again. But...
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  • UKLbyMWK-280x347


    January 26, 2015COMMON AND INSTITUTIONAL SAINTS Written by Ursula K. Le Guin Reading about the imminent canonization of Junipero Serra I want to tear my hair and shout at the Catholic Church and its clever pope, “How can you call this religious conquistador, this cruel bigot, this terrible man, a saint?” Maybe I can calm down by...
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